Northwell Health Back-to-School Campaign

Give back with our back-to-school fundraiser

Donate today–July 16


About the fundraiser
Every child deserves a fair chance for success, yet many children in our region start school without basic school supplies. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to raising health in our communities, we’re partnering with Supplies for Success to hold a virtual Back-to-School Drive to purchase essential items like paper, pencils, notebooks and more, so that at-risk children in our communities (including Manhattan, Staten Island and Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Westchester counties) can start the school year right.

A single backpack filled with supplies could be the gateway to a brighter year ahead!

Every Donation Helps
Donating to this back-to-school fundraiser is one way you can contribute to our employee giving program because What matters most is supporting underserved children in our communities. Donate on behalf of your region today – no contribution is too big or too small.

Fun fact: Last year, Northwell team members collaboratively raised nearly $50,000 and assembled 2,300 backpacks filled with supplies for children across New York.  Way to go, health raisers! 

Any amount you can give will make a difference for at-risk children but below are suggested donation amounts: 
$27 – Provides a backpack to a child in need
$54 – Starts the school year off right for two (2) underserved children
$108 – Four (4) children in need will begin the school year on a more level playing field
$270 – Will make an impact in the lives of ten (10) children 

Together, we go beyond just providing great care
Northwell is committed to keeping our people, communities and planet well. Our community partner Supplies for Success works to ensure that children in need start school with confidence by providing new backpacks filled with essential school supplies to families who cannot afford them.

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